Meet Amika

The Obliphica Line of Haircare by amika gets its power by harnessing the unique properties of the “super fruit” Sea Buckthorn Berry (also known as Obliphica). Native only to Siberia and some parts of the Himalayas, the berry protects itself with an unprecedented amount of nutrients and vitamins against some of the harshest environmental conditions on Earth. The Obliphica berry is rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin E, rare Omega 7 and 190 other bioactive nutrients, the Obliphica berry is actually a food and not a chemical based product, and the body instantly absorbs the nutrients.


Treatment Line

Repair, revitalize, and strengthen your hair with the Obliphica treatment range from Amika. These ultimately matchless treatments combine the powerful properties of the Sea Buckhorn Berry - restoring strength, providing vital moisture and increasing hairs elasticity. Leaving hair marvelously manageable, sublimely soft and stunningly shiny.


Styling Line

You get what you put in - your hair at least! With Amika we only want you to get the best, so that's all thats added to styling products. Rounding out the Obliphica line of hair care are our styling products designed to help you achieve the latest looks right off the runway, all while leaving your hair silky smooth and incredibly healthy.


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